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Does Waiākea come in glass bottles?Updated 3 years ago

Waiākea does not come in glass bottles. We bottle our water exclusively in high-grade rPET bottles because it is 85% lighter than glass, BPA-free, and the optimal packaging for protecting the quality of our water. rPET avoids cleaning agents used for glass, oxygen migration, and carbon dioxide which can affect the taste. Lastly, using rPET ensures product safety (no breakage), while at the same time minimizing our environmental impact with its significantly lower carbon footprint (not including lightweight savings).

Waiākea also offers 15L and 10L Pahu Nunui box of water and an upcycling program to go with it. Best pairing with our 100% recyclable and refillable aluminum bottles. Each bottle can be refilled 100+ times, and with each refill, you save the equivalent carbon emissions of 2 miles of driving.

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