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Does Waiākea use sustainable packaging?Updated 2 years ago

Waiākea prides itself on being one of the first beverages and THE first premium water in the world to use our new OceanPlast™ bottles, sourced exclusively from within 30 miles of oceanbound waterways, beaches, and cities, and is made of 100% recycled PET.

OceanPlast™ makes use of the existing material we already have in our ecosystem, while setting a new industry standard. The more brands jump on board with 100% rPET, the higher its perceived value, encouraging a lucrative closed-loop plastics economy. Every bottle purchased helps to remove five plastic bottles from within 30 miles of an oceanbound waterway, beach, or city. 

Waiākea also offers 100% recyclable and refillable aluminum bottles. Each bottle can be refilled 100+ times, and with each refill, you save the equivalent carbon emissions of 2 miles of driving.

For bulk refilling, Waiākea offers a recyclable 15L and 10L Pahu Nunui box and an upcycling program to go with it. Upcycling ten Pahu Nunui bags makes almost half a gallon of high-grade fuel that can be turned into wax for candles and other goods, char, energy to power machinery, and much more.

We also have some major initiatives in sustainability, including a new technology that will transform our bottles into benign wax if they end up in the ocean and/or landfills. This effectively eliminates 55%-97.9% of its harmful effects. Additionally, we are introducing Plastic Bank, a program that enables us to collect plastic from oceanbound waterways for each Waiākea bottle purchased.

All these make Waiākea be the first American premium bottled water of its kind to be certified CarbonNeutral! 💯

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