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How do I open my 10L or 15L Pahu Nunui box of water?Updated 2 years ago

You may notice the Pahu Nunui box of water is a bit different from our original Waiākea cases. Here’s how it works:

  1. Locate the “open here” arrow on the side of the box.
  2. Punch out the perforated circle and pull the flap up.
  3. Pull the water tap out of the box. Place its neck on the round cutout and close the flap around it.
  4. Pull the tamper-proof seal off the front of the tap.
  5. Dispense water by lifting the tabs at each side of the tap.

Done! Now you’re ready to refill your cup or reusable bottle with the same, delicious Waiākea you already love.

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